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New Patient Reviews

  • Very friendly and thorough.

    -Kami W.
  • The staff are friendly and it’s a very comfortable atmosphere

    -Donna G.
  • Great experience. Staff was very welcoming and friendly. I thought the tour of the practice was a very nice touch!

    -William G.
  • Glad to finally be a part of something I’ve heard great things about!

    -Chase L.
  •  So glad I found you! Such a caring and well run office!

    -Rhonda G.
  • Thank you for taking the time to help me. Looking forward to my future visits.

    -Kay S.
  • I was amazed by the out come of only my first visit.

    -Mark K.
  • I am blessed to be a part of this practice.

    -Nancy M.
  • Excited to come back for next appointment.

    -Janine R.
  • Your office dealt with three small children and a tired mama very well. Thanks for the kindness and positivity.

    -Jill S.
  • I really enjoyed my experience!

    -Sherri H.
  • I just really love everyone at this office!! I always feel welcome and heard!

    -Kelly D.
  • I was so impressed with the entire staff!

    -Susan M.
  • Great positive energy from the staff to each patient that came through the door.

    -Becky B.
  • Casey was super nice, made me feel comfortable!!

    -Tara L.
  • I feel that for the first time in years, I am finally on the right path to recovery and getting the help so I can start living my life.

    -Karen L.
  • Thanks! Very pleased with my first visit.

    -Ron K.
  • Staff was very kind and professional. I felt very comfortable!

    -Carly S.
  • Very professional and staff was very friendly.

    -Rhonda M.
  • The staff is very friendly, as well as the doctors. The environment is very welcoming and pleasant. Everything was explained in an understandable way and I look forward to getting well with their help.

    -Carrie E.
  • Very pleased with the care I have received and the staff is wonderful!

    -Mendy T.
  • Just go see these folks! They are so awesome….awesome people love them!

    -Dave E.
  • Very thorough, honest staff.

    -Jane G.
  • A very thorough consultation! So excited to get started with my treatments.

    -Nicole C.
  • Love the atmosphere and instantly saw how happy and relaxed the other patients were!

    -Lucy T.
  • I’m a believer. Helped me stand up straight after first visit and after 3 days pain is better and on the road to recovery.Thank you!

    -Abbey S.
  • Its great and unique blend of expertise, experience, technological improvement and patient care culture.

    -Yuvraj S.
  • Felt welcome from the moment I walked in. Very professional

    -Janis T.
  • Dr. Jeff had great questions about my health situation and provided lots of answers and information regarding what they could do for me. I’m looking forward to better health!

    -Elizabeth M.

Very Impressed

My first experience gave me hope that I could rid myself of pain that I have endured and ignored for years. I felt that I was listened to and that my practitioner was thorough. I was very impressed and look forward to working with your team.
Taylor P.

Immediate Help and Relief

I was referred her by my wife (Rhonda). I wouldn’t call myself a skeptic…but it is accurate to say that I had some reservations. I am totally on board now. Immediate help and relief for my back pain. Taking time to listen and understand the information that was shared with me…it all made sense to me. Thank you very much.
Matt G.

Very Welcoming

I really enjoyed my first visit. Jen was very welcoming and I really liked the energy Dr Casey had that late in the day. Thank you!
Patrick M.

Integral Part of My Health Journey

I walked away with near tears as I have hope that my pain can be reduced or eliminated without medication. I look forward to this practice being an integral part of my health journey!
Laurie S.

Excited for the Future

All the staff at MFC are friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I am confident I found my next chiropractor. I am excited to get back to feeling better and staying that way!
Frank R.

Warm and Inviting

Thank you for providing such a warm and welcoming office! I felt very comfortable, and I LOVE how much explanation I received. The tech. used for the spinal screening was super cool and informative.
Georgia T.

In Excellent Hands

My first visit eased any apprehension that I had about receiving chiropractic care. The entire staff made me feel welcome, at ease, and hopeful that I will benefit from chiropractic care. I feel like I am in excellent hands!
Alex H.

Knowledgeable Team

Elizabeth and Dr. Jeff were great! Really like the friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable team. Looking forward to getting well here!
Matthew C.

Felt Like I Was in the Right Spot

I felt like I was in the right spot almost immediately after stepping through the door. And all other concerns quickly dissipated when we started the examination.

Samantha S.

Very Caring and Professional

The staff are all very caring and professional. They listened to my concerns and took into consideration how much pain I was in when I arrived. I received an email from the Dr. that night after my first visit, following up to see how I was doing. They made me feel like I was a tenured patient, not just someone who was coming in for the first time.

Michele K.

Impressed with the Time and Attention

This is the first time that I have been to a chiropractor. I was hesitant and doubted whether it would be worth my time. I had been experiencing intermittent lower back and leg pain for several months. The pain would flare up and then subside, but it never went away completely. So, I weighed the options. Did I want to treat the pain with medication or consider chiropractic treatment as a viable alternative. A co-worker, who had experienced positive results with Mitchell Family Chiropractic, referred me to them. My first visit was a good experience for me. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. They took the time to acquaint me with their office and procedures. The preliminary evaluation was thorough and informative. Above all, I was impressed with the time and attention they devoted to listening to me and answering my questions. Based on this first visit, I believe that I made a good decision to pursue treatment with Mitchell Chiropractic.

Jim S.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to help me. It is just so great that there are doctors out there that actually do care about my health and want to fix the problem.

Catherine P.

Excited To Watch My Progress

Only appointment in my life that they saw me immediately. Incredibly friendly and thorough. I went in thinking it was going to be something minor and I’m incredibly thankful I went in when I did so I can work on my alignment! So excited to watch my progress. If you haven’t at least gotten checked you need to.

Michelle G.

In Good Hands

Everything was explained to me in detail with care and in ways I easily understood. The entire staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I felt well taken care of and they really listened to everything I said and took their time with me. I really felt at ease and that I was in good hands.

Nick P.

Generous and Helpful!

So generous and helpful with my children! I had a fussy baby and a wild two year old and everyone made accommodations and was super helpful with us! I felt very comfortable in the environment and am looking forward to working with the staff!

Audrey R.

Enlightening And Reassuring

The initial testing was so enlightening and reassuring to what my body feels. For the first time I felt like doctors truly could see and translate my entire health and well being. Insane! Love it! Chiropractic patient for 5+ years best one so far!

Sarah C.

Met At Seminar

We met Dr. Matt at an ADHD seminar and were grateful for his knowledge and expertise as well as his one on one time with us. He took time to offer information and answer questions. Our experience with the office has been positive from the first call I made! We so appreciate the friendly staff and the thorough evaluation. We are excited to get our son started with chiropractic care and for the overall care and concern to make him healthier and get his body functioning better. Thank you!

Ethan W.

Better Already

Thank you! Sam has been seen about 5 times now and we are already seeing great results. He is more comfortable and his reflux seems to be getting better already. We look forward to our older son becoming a patient and benefiting from chiropractic as well.

Sam A.